Learning to drive the sensible way

One of the defining images of independence is driving one's own car. In fact a lot of teenagers nowadays can't wait to get behind the wheel and go wherever they want without being accompanied by their parents. However before they can do so they need to show how deserving of that license, therefore mum and dad resort to finding a driving school or independent driving instructor.

There are many advantages of getting a personal driving instructor rather than a driving school. First of all because students get one-on-one instruction from the same instructor from start to finish without the prospect of having to change instructors. Also the driving instructor is able to focus on the student's progress more accurately since they've seem them progress from the very beginning. Second, the arrangement is safer on the road because dual controls make it possible for quicker reaction times in preventing any mishaps happening. Finally the program need not stick to the lesson plan depending on the level of the individuals skills they can take the class to busier roads or more quiet streets.

When choosing an instructor by all means compare pricing but ask yourself why is Joe Blogs so cheap compared to others, why does that driving school have to give unbelievably cheap lessons.  It really isn't rocket science, if you're short of work for whatever reason (you think about that) you'll need to attract new cliental and the easiest way is through the tactics mentioned above. However don't expect to do a great deal of driving when you take up these 1st 2 hours for the price of 1 offers. Prime example is the free theory training, you'll probably pay for a 2 hour lesson and sit at the side of the road for an hour going through the theory, now is that really FREE!! Now ask yourself why are these instructors/schools offering these so called fantastic offers surely if you the instructor/schools gave a good service and treated their pupils correctly those pupils would recommend them and they wouldn't need these offers.

The facts are you get what you pay for, so by all means take up the free offers but don't do the quintessential English thing and think you have to stay with them.



As a member of the Driving Instructors Association our driving school is fully insured and we have Professional Indemnity to 5,000,000 and Public Liability to 10,000,000.




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